Rooms / Common areas - Description of a room

Résidence St-Mathieu has a total of 45 private single rooms standard size all equipped with full bathroom, 7 single rooms bigger than the standard size and 2 suites that can be used by a couple or a single person. All regular private rooms can easily be converted into a double room. A regular room standard size has a total of 228 square feet, a regular room bigger than the standard size has an average of 300 square feet and a suite has an average of 435 square feet.


All our rooms have full bathroom with supports bars in each bathtub, and an anti-self slippery carpet.  If need be we supply a single bed, a night table and a dresser.  A blind and shower curtain are also included.  Cable, telephone and air conditioning are also available with extra charges.  The heating system is in the floor to provide you with a constant temperature throughout the home for your comfort.   Each room is equipped with two nurse calls station one in the room and one in the bathroom . 


Here is a plan of a regular room: 

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