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Nicole Normand and Luc Lamarre



Nicole and Luc are co-owners of Résidence St-Mathieu.  Together they have over thirty years of experience in the retirement home business.  They are both working actively and continuously towards the success of  the business.  As well Nicole is also the director.  She is in charge of the daily operations of the retirement home from the level of care of the residents and the administration of the business. 


We have a dedicated professional team of sixteen employees which allows us to have staff on premises (24-7) to tend to all your needs. 




A team of friendly volunteers also gives their time to organize, on premises,  daily activities and special events  with our residents.  


Their exceptional engagement is greatly appreciated by the residents and the administration. 


We invite anyone who wishes to make a difference in the life of our residents to come and see us as we always welcome volunteers to become part of our team. 


A few hours of your time can make a difference in the daily routine of our residents.  If you wish more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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