Who we are

Under our motto "Welcome Home", Résidence St-Mathieu officially opened and welcomed  its first occupants on February 1st, 1999.  This project was the initiative of Nicole Normand (co-owner).  We originally opened with 28 rooms and offered a wide range of personalized services and activities for seniors completely of partially self-sufficient.  Our dedicated professional staff is in place to help you make you feel at home. 


We welcomed 24 occupants in our first year of operation.  ln 2002, with a growing demand, we expanded to ten new rooms, 2 in 2010, one in 2013 and thirteen additional rooms in 2014, for a total of 54 rooms.  Our clientele originates mainly from the East Ontario region.  


Our large family counts 56 residents, sixteen professional staff members and a team of local volunteers, all dedicated to provide you the best services. 


Résidence St-Mathieu is owned  by Nicole Normand, director and the sole initiator of the original project and Luc Lamarre.  Both Nicole and Luc are local residents.

A residence for retired people